U.S. Courts And Investors From Abroad

From accounting fraud and false income to corporate dishonesty and corruption, investors across the world are feeling the effects of corporate wrongdoing. The schemes and scandals used by some managers and trustees have caused dramatic financial losses and destroyed investor confidence in capital markets.


Foreign investors are increasingly active in U.S. securities class actions as a means to remedy losses due to fraud. Through their involvement in private securities litigation, international institutional investors have played an integral role in ensuring the integrity of the U.S. capital market.


Sturman LLC has nearly 20 years of experience representing European plaintiffs in United States courts, including international investors in securities cases involving investments in the U.S. market. Our international experience and connections allow us to navigate global financial markets and provide strategic legal counsel to our clients. We offer a Portfolio Monitoring Program that monitors clients’ U.S. investments and alerts us of potential options in recovering losses due to corporate fraud and mismanagement.


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