Portfolio Monitoring Program


Sturman LLC offers an integrated Portfolio Monitoring Program to public and private institutional investors. Our service allows us to be proactive in analyzing potential securities lawsuits and in working with clients to initiate securities fraud claims when their investments have been affected.


Institutional investors have an economic interest to protect. Our Portfolio Monitoring Program helps identify investment losses as well as point the investor to potential recovery of assets through litigation. The Portfolio Monitoring Program references the client’s portfolio with new securities cases, pending litigation and settlements. Subscribers’ portfolios are constantly monitored and checked to see if their investments include shares of corporations currently involved in securities cases. Additionally, we monitor your portfolio to see if you are entitled to compensation payments as part of previously settled cases. We then analyze any potential cases or claims and discuss the legal positioning with you so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing any securities case.


Institutional investors can enroll in Sturman LLC’s Portfolio Monitoring Program at no cost. As part of enrollment, we will work with your management to transfer key information and begin monitoring your investments.

View our Portfolio Monitoring Program brochure (*in German).