About Sturman LLC


Sturman LLC is founded on the protection of shareholder rights and the fight for financial recovery through securities litigation. We represent plaintiffs from around the world in complex securities litigation, including securities fraud, shareholder derivative lawsuits and deal cases involving unfair mergers and acquisitions.


We dedicate our vast experience and resources to protecting U.S. and European shareholder rights and to improving corporate governance standards at companies worldwide.


Sturman LLC works with a diverse group of professionals to provide us with expertise in European legal practice. We also work together with legal partners to gain a heightened understanding of legal systems worldwide in order to provide the highest quality service in the best interests of our clients.


Our Clients

Our clients include large European fund management companies, European pension funds, private trustees and investment consultants, commercial interests and business owners, banks, insurers, financial services companies, and individual investors. 

For a list of representative clients, please contact us at info@sturman.ch.